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In addition to a range of landscaping solutions, GreatScapes Lawn Care Services also provides various other services. We are a reliable and credible company committed to providing our clients with excellent value for money. That is why we make it a point to offer all these solutions under a single roof. It means you don’t have to deal with multiple operators. Our team is skilled and well trained in every aspect of landscaping, so you know that your outdoor spaces are in good hands. The other services we provide include:


It doesn’t take long for the topsoil in your lawns to get compacted and hard. This soil does not allow water, fertilizers, and oxygen to reach the roots of the grass, affecting its condition. That is why we offer scheduled aeration services. In most cases, this is part of a lawn care package, and we handle this task skillfully. We generally aerate all the soil in the fall, after which we will apply grass seed and fertilizer as required. It helps improve your lawn’s condition and will fill in well over the months. If the weather is dry, we use the aerovating process, in which the technicians utilize equipment with vibrating tines to aerate the soil on your property efficiently.

Broadcast Seeding

The weather and changing climatic conditions can take their toll on your lawn, making it less healthy and attractive. Sometimes, you may notice bare or brown patches in the grass, and you need to address these conditions immediately. We know how crucial it is for you to have access to complete lawn care solutions through a single operator. We use broadcast seeding in which our team will plant grass seed into the bare or sparse areas of the topsoil. Once the grass begins to grow and recover, it makes your lawn more resilient and robust, helping it endure exposure to the stresses of nature and even with regular rough use.


We offer high-quality dethatching services in which our team will mechanically remove the upper layers of dead turf tissues from your lawns. Thatch builds up below the grass blades. The residue prevents nutrients, oxygen, and water from reaching the roots, affecting your lawn’s health and appearance. We typically include these services in your lawn care pancake, but you can also hire us for this separately if you prefer. Dethatching is a vital aspect of overall lawn care. It helps your grass remain healthy and robust, regardless of the season and weather conditions, increasing its lifespan. Timely, professional dethatching also helps create a clean and well-manicured look in your lawn spaces.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are crucial to the condition and stability of all residential and commercial structures. These troughs hold water runoff from the roof, channeling it through the downspouts and away from the foundation. We provide reliable, scheduled gutter cleaning services to ensure that the gutters are clean, and the downspouts clear of all debris, leaves, twigs, etc. Any blockages that form in these channels hamper water flow, which then begins to overflow from the edges onto the exterior walls. The water will ultimately affect the interior walls and features as well, and any that accumulates at the structure’s foundation can affect its overall stability and integrity.

Sod Installation

While many property owners like to install lawns on their premises, they don’t like the idea of waiting for a long time for it to grow and settle in. They want yards that are easy to maintain and restore if the grass suffers some damage down the track. We offer top-quality sod installation services to our customers. Sod is pre-grown grass, available in squares and rolls. We procure it from established local nurseries, and our team handles the installation after prepping the ground well. Sod is an ideal solution if you need an instant lawn to use right after installation. Since it is pre-grown, the grass is robust and not as prone to weed growth and infestations as seeded lawns.

For superior, customized affordable landscaping services, please call GreatScapes Lawn Care Services at 832-987-2995. You can send us the queries you have through this Online Form. Our team will call you soon to discuss your project requirements and start the work.

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