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Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is something we at GreatScapes Lawn Care Services excel in. Our team is skilled and experienced in every aspect of landscaping. When you hire us, you can be sure to get high-grade solutions at the best price points. We offer the perfect balance of reliability, value, and outstanding customer service. Our company provides a range of landscaping services under a single roof, which means you do not have to deal with multiple operators for your various landscaping requirements. The different services we offer include:

Lawn Mowing

If your property has a lawn on it, you will know exactly how much care and maintenance it requires. Mowing the grass becomes a crucial part of caring for this installation. However, it can become quite tedious and time-consuming to handle it yourself. We offer high-quality lawn mowing services. You can opt for it as part of an overall lawn care plan or as a separate service. Our team is experienced in every aspect of handling this job, will come in at specific intervals based on your contract, and will make sure that your lawn is mowed perfectly. Regular mowing helps maintain the health of your lawn, catalyzes growth, ensuring that it stays looking well-manicured, improving your property's curb appeal and value. Read More About Lawn Mowing >>

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the grass on your property is essential to ensure that it thrives, stays healthy, and looks great right around the year. We offer excellent lawn maintenance services that include various solutions, including mowing, de-weeding, aerating, watering, pest control, fertilization, and more. We understand that this installation requires regular care, so we take the time to understand your requirements before coming up with a suitable lawn maintenance package. This is one of the best ways to keep your outdoor spaces looking amazing. When you have a manicured lawn, you are more encouraged to use this area, which we help with. Read More About Lawn Maintenance >>


Creating a beautiful outdoor space never happens by chance. It needs proper planning, materials, and features to ensure that the entire area comes together beautifully. We are a full-service landscaping company and offer various services, including softscape and hardscape design and installation. We use high-quality materials in our work, ensuring that the plantings are also of the best grade. Our team plans, designs, and installs your landscape in line with your requirements within your budget. Our designers, stonemasons, and horticulturists work together to create stunning landscaping on your property. Read More About Landscaping >>

Lawn Care

Grassy areas in your yard lend a refreshing look to the property. However, caring for your lawn can be quite an uphill task, mainly because this job must be done with regularity. Lack of proper care can quickly result in brown or bald patches in your lawn, which look ugly and indicates unhealthy grass. However, we offer reliable and affordable lawn care solutions. As part of these services, we handle everything from mowing, fertilizing the lawns, de-weeding, pest control, irrigation, and more. We will also ensure that the irrigation system is in good condition so that your lawn gets watered regularly. Read More About Lawn Care >>

Tree Services

Trees are a great addition to any property. However, these features need regular care, including trimming, pruning, pest control, and more. Our company offers comprehensive tree services so that you never have to worry about the health of these elements in your outdoor spaces. We are knowledgeable in every aspect of caring for trees and will create a customized plan after conducting a survey of the outdoor spaces and the types of trees that you have. This personalized attention goes a long way in ensuring that your trees are healthy and look great throughout the year. We also offer tree cutting and felling services in case these features suffer damage during stormy weather or due to old age. Read More About Tree Services >>

Sod Installation

While many people like having lawns on their property, they do not want to wait for weeks for the grass to grow. They also want a solution that is easy to maintain and can be fixed quickly if the grass gets damaged in any way. We offer high-grade sod installation solutions to our clients. Sod is ready-grown grass that is available either in rolls or squares. We source the sod from credible local nurseries and install it perfectly after preparing the ground well. Sod installation is the perfect option if you are looking for an instant lawn to start using soon after it is set in place. Since the grass is already grown, it’s less likely to suffer from weed growth. Read More About Sod Installation >>

Power Washing

Maintaining the beauty of your outdoor spaces is a lot about regular maintenance and care. In addition to all the fertilizing, pest control, and related services, it is also essential to maintain the hardscaped areas. A well-balanced landscape will always have a certain amount of masonry features that also become dirty or stained over time. Our power washing services are a great way to ensure that these features and installations on your property stay in good condition and look great for many years. We use the latest equipment in our work and use the proper water pressure based on the types of masonry structures we are cleaning. Read More About Power Washing >>

For the best landscaping solutions, feel free to call GreatScapes Lawn Care Services at 832-987-2995. You can also send us your queries through this Online Form, and our experts will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and get the project kickstarted.

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