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Lawn Care Services, Houston, TX

GreatScapes Lawn Care Services offers a wide variety of services in addition to landscaping. We are a trustworthy business dedicated to giving our customers good value for their money. We've made it a priority to provide all these services under one roof. Because of this, you don't have to stress over coordinating with different operators.

You can relax knowing that your landscape is in capable hands since our crew is experienced and trained in every aspect of landscaping. We also offer the following specialized services that are vital in maintaining grass health.


The topsoil in your lawn compacts and hardens quickly. It means that water, nutrients, and oxygen cannot reach the base of the grass in this soil, resulting in unhealthy vegetation. Therefore, we provide scheduled aeration treatments. These services are often part of lawn maintenance packages, and we are well-versed in them.

We usually aerate the soil in the autumn and then add grass seed and fertilizer as needed following that process. It contributes to the health of your grass, and it will grow back nicely over time. When it's dry outside, we'll apply the aeration method, in which the technicians use vibrating tines to improve soil quality with this specialized aeration process.

Broadcast Seeding

Your lawn's health and appearance might be harmed by the weather and shifting climatic factors. If you see any bare or brown grass areas, you should take urgent action to remedy the situation. We understand how important it is for you to get a single point of contact for all your lawn care needs. To fill up the empty or sparse spots in the topsoil, we employ broadcast seeding. Your lawn becomes more resilient and robust as the grass grows and recovers, allowing it to withstand the challenges of nature or even frequent rough usage.


With our dethatching services, we physically remove your lawn's top layer of dead grass tissues. A layer of thatch forms under the grass blades, but our crew knows how to remove it and clean the lawn. Thatch prevents nutrients, oxygen, and water from reaching the roots, resulting in an unhealthy lawn that is also unsightly.

While these services are typically part of your lawn care plan, they are available to you as a stand-alone service as well, and you can decide what suits your requirements best. It helps your lawn stay strong and healthy no matter what the season or weather is like, which extends the life of your grass. Prompt, professional dethatching helps keep your grass areas looking well-manicured.

High-Grade Lawn Care Solutions

Our focused approach helps to ensure that your grassy areas look great and stay robust for years. We use high-quality seeds, fertilizers, pest control products, and the latest techniques. This diligent approach and our skills mean that your lawns get excellent care, and you get value for money. Whether you need commercial or residential lawn care services, we are here to help. Our team will make sure that all the solutions we provide align with your needs. We also keep your budget in view while recommending any services, so you never have to worry about overspending on your lawn care requirements.

We design affordable, customized solutions to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services. For superior lawn care services in Houston, TX, please call the experts at GreatScapes Lawn Care Services on this number- 832-987-2995. You can send us your queries and requests using this Online Form, and our professionals will contact you soon to discuss your requirements and create the best lawn care plans.

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